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High Rise Exterior Building Washing Services - Brevard County

Harper’s High Rise Services offers commercial and high rise washing services in the Brevard County area, from Palm Bay to Titusville. Give us a call at (321) 480-9515

Fully licensed and insured, we are a client oriented company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial properties that use our services include, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and medical facilities, warehouses and other facilities.

We also handle residential buildings like condominiums, multi-story homes and civic buildings.

Both commercial and residential customers rely on us to maintain their building’s looks and functionality, and they understand the benefits that periodic pressure washing can provide.

Harper’s High Rise Services uses only the finest and most up-to-date equipment on your building maintenance projects. All of our equipment meets safety requirements and is properly maintained. Our building washing techniques and safety standards ensure superior results, along with minimum possible risk.

Here in Central Florida coastal areas like Brevard County the climate can wreak havoc on buildings. High rise buildings especially, accumulate dirt, debris and mold.

Regularly scheduled pressure washing combats these chronic and eye sore issues. As an added benefit, high rise washing services will extend the life of paint and windows, saving on building maintenance in the long run.

High rise building washing keeps your high-rise looking good. A good looking building attracts new occupants and residents, thus increasing cash flow from higher leasing levels.

An additional factor to be aware of is that personnel who clean the structures can also report problems that are noticed as they work, ones that may otherwise not be noticed.

You can expect excellent results, because we enjoy the work!

Performing high rise pressure washing in Brevard County is our business, we enjoy it. Even after years of pressure washing hundreds of buildings beachside and mainland Brevard, it is what we do.

We listen, we perform. Give us a call today to discuss your high rise building cleaning needs at (321) 480-9515.


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